Genuine Bio-Fuel Clears the Air About Biodiesel In Wake of Recent Turmoil


Jeff Longo, the Executive Vice President of Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc., addresses the heated debate over benefits of biodiesel production in the wake of the new biodiesel tax credit extension and recent court ruling against the industry... READ STORY
Congressman Allen West Visits
Genuine Bio-Fuel to Explore New Technology in Alternative Energy


Congressman Allen West will tour Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc.’s biodiesel plant on November 1st to explore new technologies in alternative energy. The plant is located in Indiantown, Florida – one of the newest zoning additions the 18th District that Rep. West represents. …
Genuine Bio-Fuel Details the Benefits of Ultrasonic Shearing Technology


Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. explains the new proprietary, revolutionary production process they employ to refine biodiesel fuel in seconds using ultrasonic shearing technology, while other plants spend hours to produce the same amount of biodiesel fuel in batch reactors. …
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Renewable Energy Company Gives Former Inmates and Veterans New Chance at Rebuilding Their Lives


Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is a leader in biodiesel production in Florida. The company, based in Indiantown, Florida, is committed to affecting positive change within its community. Its outreach efforts include hiring Veterans who have just returned from serving our country as well as a program for former inmates to get a fresh start and new lease on life … READ STORY
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Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. Revolutionary Technology Helps Mitigate Effects of Drought.


The current drought crisis has prompted the World Meteorological Organization to push for international adoption of drought-management policies. Genuine
Bio-Fuel’s proprietary technology offers a solution to create green energy without using water or adding harmful effects to the environment … READ STORY
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Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. to expand operations to the northeastern part of the country proceeding with the build out of new
“state-of-the-art” Biodiesel Refinery in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.


Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc., headquartered in Indiantown, Florida expands its operations to Lincoln Park, New Jersey with the build out of a “state-of-the-art” Biodiesel Refinery at the Lincoln Park Airport, while creating15-30 new jobs in the process … READ STORY
Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. Awarded $504,938 by the USDA's Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels


As part of the 2008 Farm Bill, payments were granted to eligible Biofuel producers based on their use of renewable biomass other than corn kernel starch ... READ STORY
Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. Approved as
RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer


Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. has been approved by the EPA
as a "RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer."
Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is one of the few … READ STORY

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