Biodiesel is quickly and cleanly refined from multi-feedstocks into methyl esters - a natural, renewable, green alternative to diesel fuel. Biodiesel is a fuel that can be used in any vehicle that currently uses diesel fuel - from cars, trucks and buses, to farm and industrial equipment, as well as in commercial fishing (helping to reduce pollution in our oceans), power plants and as a heat source.

Biodiesel is a quiet, clean source of fuel that is great for the environment. Producing lower emissions than regular diesel fuel and having a minimum carbon footprint, biodiesel actually reduces emitted greenhouse gases by 86 percent. Genuine Bio-Fuel's production methods do not create any hazardous or toxic waste.

Because it's produced right here in the United States, Genuine Bio-Fuel's biodiesel helps reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. It's also great for the economy by putting Americans to work.

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A natural, renewable, green alternative to diesel fuel.
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