A renewable, sustainable source of clean energy, biodiesel is a perfect alternative to harsh, polluting petroleum diesel with a minimal impact on the environment. For example, Genuine Bio-Fuel's first 20,000-sq.-ft. facility in Florida, established in 2008, consumes less power than two typical single-family homes. And it produces no pollution, unlike petroleum diesel or traditional biodiesel producers.

Traditional biodiesel producers use a method called "batching," which yields unpredictable results, is time-consuming, expensive and creates unnecessary pollution known as "dirty water." Genuine Bio-Fuel uses the only truly continuous technology to produce clean, green biodiesel. Dirty water is not produced, so the environment remains safe and clean.

In fact, Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. produces such a clean and reliable biodiesel product that we are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as an "RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer."

Economically speaking, Genuine Bio-Fuel's operations are directly responsible for creating jobs. The simple fact is biodiesel puts Americans to work. The demand for biodiesel is here, and so is the capability for fulfilling the demand right now. As the company continues to grow, Genuine Bio-Fuel will continue to lead the way as the world's biodiesel production and technology leader.

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A renewable source of clean energy.
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